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MySpace Surveys

Fill out this survey, HIT GENERATE AT THE END, and then copy and paste it into your profile- that's it! Then pass it on to your friends too.

1. Opening Credits:

2. Waking Up Scene:

3. Car Driving Scene:

4. High School Flashback Scene:

5. Nostalgic Scene:

6. Bitter, Angry Scene:

7. Break-up Scene:

8. Regret Scene:

9. Nightclub/Bar Scene:

10. Fight/Action Scene:

11. Lawn Mowing Scene:

12. Sad, breakdown scene:

13. Death Scene:

14. Funeral Scene:

15. Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene:

16.Dreaming About Someone Scene:

17. Sex Scene:

18. Contemplation Scene:

19. Chase Scene:

20. Happy Love Scene:

21. Happy Friend Scene:

22. Closing Credits: